Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Home is wherever I'm with you

I love the south; it will always have a special place in my heart that no other place in the world will be able to fill. Being back here, as lovely as it has been, will never be home without my husband though. To be honest, I've said that cute little phrase before, but I'm not sure I truly believed it. The south is where I grew up and what I always associated myself with. For most of my life, that had nothing to do with B because it was my home. Period.

Since we moved out to California so much of my attention was focused on my next trip back "home," which held me back from fully appreciating being where I was. Struggling to find a job career move left me bitter about leaving my entire comfort zone to move across the country. My incredibly supportive husband has been the punching bag to my frustrations and still my greatest support. I don't even deserve his kindness but I am so grateful to have it. It took coming back to the south to realize there was a change in me, one that I was not actively pursuing. I wanted to hold on so bad to what my identity was, I wasn't seeing that I was growing into a person that no longer lives in a one dimensional mindset. The south is no longer my entire existence. Having finally opened my eyes to that outlook, I appreciate what a blessing this opportunity is for both B and I. To live somewhere so different from the small circle I grew up in, experience different ways of thinking and living, learning to be open-minded to new ideas and other cultures is an incredible trait to gain. As much as I tried to fight it, I love California too and I will continue to love whatever adventures the military will take us on, because that is where our life will be.

Anyways. This purpose of this isn't me trying to give advice or even ask for it. It's just a moment where I feel a part of me growing up a little bit.



  1. Hello...
    Sure the south is your "home" but YOU are on your way to new beginnings, new opportunities... And lots of fun times! YOU now have so much to share with all of us out here in Blog Land...
    Can't wait to see what you find to share with us!! ~Nancy from OHIO
    p.s. I just came across your blog... very refreshing.

  2. Growing up we had a sign in the house (that my mama made) that said "Home is where the Marine Corps sends you!". It's so true.... There's going home....to your family and childhood home. And then there's Home. And that is where your heart is, where you lay your head at night. Looking at each new duty station as an adventure and an opportunity and being excited for all the new things to see and do will allow you to open your eyes and grow as a person with each PCS. I loved the advice my grandma gave my mom when we moved overseas (for 6 years straight!): Don't come home; go see new places. Take the kids to foreign lands. WE will visit YOU! I'm sure my parents were so relieved that their families understood (both were also military!) that traveling was important, building memories was important, and providing a practical education for my brothers and me was important. They never made us feel guilty about not visiting and encouraged my parents to show us as much of the world as was possible!

  3. That's said so well! I'm so glad you were able to have the trip back to see family and experience all the wonderful things that that South holds. So excited for you to see your hubby too!

  4. As an Army Wife, I can relate. But let me tell you, your first move will be an eye opening experience. I was the same way, I was born in raised in one place and so I always associated myself with that city and way of life. Now, 7 years later, 4 moves, including one international move, and I can unpack boxes and make any city/country my home and take a little bit of every place with me because they have helped shaped me into the person I am today. Never let your homesickness ruin your experience of living in a new place. The military isn't forever and you can always go visit your hometown.

  5. I'm with Kate. Having grown up in a military family I can adjust anywhere too even though I've been in Charlotte for 11-years. After college my parents encouraged me to move around, explore and figure out who I was and where I wanted to be.
    I hope to do the same with Shelby!

  6. Come back to me!!! I cannot wait to have you back in California with me!!!

  7. I feel you, Jordan! I know there are times when we have to endure the distance between for our desires and goals. We have to build ourselves and allow us to grow while away from “home”. After attaining our goals, we'll find our way back to where we belong. You'll be able to sell your acquired properties and leave to find a new career. After doing so, you'll see yourself at your homeland again.


  8. You know I feel this post. Every day SoldierMan and I talk about moving back to OK. Every. Day. But going home without him reminds me that he is really my home.