Friday, July 19, 2013

Chocolate & Art Show

A few nights ago we drove up to LA to support a friend at the The Chocolate & Art Show. Every few months, Chocolate & Art hosts underground artists in the Los Angeles area. The exhibit was held at KGB Studios, the ideal venue to showcase local pieces, jewelry and food vendors, body paintings, and live music.

Our friends Natalia and Steven invited us to the event and of course said we would go!
Veronica (on the left) has been best friends with Natalia since childhood! Both are from Chicago, they are now living in California, isn't that fun?! Ronni is the art curator for the event! (Ronni, you were a wonderful host!)

The venue was packed by 10 and the party was just getting started. Music and drinks were going until 2am.
Such a hunk!
I purchased a sexy headpiece from one of the jewelry vendors. B isn't sure if he's a fan of it or not, but I can't wait to wear it and show y'all!

I don't know if it was LA, the event, or the company, but it was the perfect night with good friends and so much different than something we would normally do! If you live around the LA area, I would highly recommend this event for a night out. I'm sure we'll be attending another show soon.

PS.Check out Nat's post from the event!


  1. Sounds fun and you look hot! So, did ya'll leave the event and drive all the way back to Oceanside? ;0

    1. Thanks!! We definitely didn't drive back to Oceanside, we crashed at our friends house up in Dana Point that night!

  2. How fun!! I love LA. I grew up in Vegas and made tons of excuses to make the drive as often as possible :)

  3. Hi Jordan! :) I just found your blog and am so delighted to have just spent a little time reading through your blog (and watching the adorable engagement video)! It is such a delight to find your blog and to be your newest follower!
    :) Have a lovely Sunday!
    :) Rebecca

  4. Aw so fun! Art parties and exhibits are the best in my book!

    1. Ben is seriously such an art junkie, I am surprised we haven't been to more of them!