Monday, June 10, 2013

when visiting Charleston...

I spent the majority of my flight across country peering out of the window. At one point an older woman sitting next to me asked, "Is this your first time flying sweetheart?."
Just in case you were wondering too, it's far from my first flight, but someone hit me if I ever grow jaded to seeing a view like this. 
I am guessing somewhere over Colorado.

The day after I arrived to Charlotte, I hopped into the car and headed straight for Charleston with one of my best friends Britney. It was a much needed trip with my girl, and she was such a trooper hanging out with my family all weekend. Any time I visit Charleston there are a million things on and off the tourist trail that I like to do, but of it all, there are two things on my "must do" list.

First, I always feel a little antsy until I head down to the Waterfront Park to see the Pineapple Fountain. My mom would take my brother and I to swim in the fountain when we were kids so I have an attached desire to visit it.

Second, since I am usually staying with family in Hanahan, I always have to check up on the house we grew up in. Speaking of growing, that palm tree was not taller than the house when we lived there.
Are you planning on personally taking a trip to Charleston sometime in the future? Check out the Charleston Bucket List, it has some of my favorite lowcountry adventures.

Oh AND I had my first Bojangles trip after a 6 month hiatus! I am thinking I need to open a franchise in Southern California. Then again, the west coast probably wouldn't understand the phrase, "What fixin would you like?"


  1. Love the pics! I love the pineapple fountain and even though I live here, going to visit Waterfront Park never gets old. Also, we actually live in Hanahan now so you were in our neck of the woods!

  2. I still can't believe you're from Hanahan, considering how that was my last name for 29 years :) You look SO happy to be back in the south!!

  3. I can see why people fall in love with Charleston! We spent a night in Charleston during our trip down to FL and absolutely loved it! What a beautiful place to have so many childhood memories!

  4. Love! I'm not so in love with Bojangles though. I grew up with Popeyes!

  5. There's nothing like a trip home! And I'm the same way flying, I LOVE looking out over the landscape! Never gets old!

  6. It looks like y'all had a blast! I am missing SC while I'm at home this summer--I can't wait to be back for a visit in a little less than a month! Love me some Bojangles, too!

  7. This could not have come at a more perfect time. I'm about to head back to SC to visit the hubby before I deploy and we want to take his parents, who are flying in from Idaho, to Charleston for a day. The bucket list might come in handy for that trip!