Monday, June 24, 2013

painted pieces

When I first put on this outfit, my momma asked if I was going to provide the paint color on my blog that I needed to paint on my pants. Brat! Attempting to get these babies on has me participating in all kinds of high intensity cardio, leaving me gross and sweaty before my day begins! It's probably about time I retire these; I am not the same shape I was in high school and these were pushing it then. Wherever you stand on the pant debate, there is no denying that crisp white and a straw bag screams summer style and wishing you were at the beach. Speaking of which, I am about ready to get back to my surfer dude in California.
[Top: Edge Design by Time, Jeans: NV, Shoes: Michael Antonio, Purse: Straw Studios, Arm Cuff: Etsy]

If you were curious, I used an indoor/outdoor combination paint in Ultra Pure White.


  1. White pants and wedges is my go-to look. Whenever I am getting frustrated and can't find anything to wear, Rob is always like "how about white pants?" lol He knows what's going on. Those wedges are super cute...and such a steal!

  2. Yup- that outfit simply screams SUMMER! You can't beat a nice white pant!

  3. I have a few pairs of tight white pants I probably need to retire too. HA! cute!

  4. i love your arm bangle! love the floral top with those white jeans too xo

    Check out my new all black outfit on blog! :)