Wednesday, June 05, 2013

goin' to Carolina

I'm hopping on a flight and headed to the Carolinas for the next month! I am so excited to see friends and family, but I would give anything to stuff my sweet husband in my carry on and bring him back with me. When I first booked this flight a while back, I couldn't get out of California fast enough. Now that the time has come I am feeling a little bittersweet. I fought against this place for so long, but man, I am going to miss my friends and the life my husband and I are creating here. This quote has never felt more prevalent than it does now...
I have a non direct flight with my day beginning at 4am, so I have my travel bag filled with all kinds of goodies to keep me busy including two of the books on my summer reading list.
My friend recommended the book Beautiful Creatures. Apparently it's a movie, which I have never heard of, but I am super excited to dive in to the novel. I also picked up The War of Art. It's been on so many reading lists this year including Real Simple's list of 50 Book That Will Change Your Life. I am about half way through and it's definitely the kind of book that forces you to face yourself.

And of course I can hardly do basic daily tasks without music so my iPod has a "back home" playlist featuring some of my country music favorites...

Once I get into Charlotte, one of my best friends is picking me up and we're heading straight to 300 East for dinner! I cannot wait!
See y'all back on the east coast!


  1. Yay!! Welcome back!! Hope you have a fabulous time and can't wait to hear how Carolina feels after being away.

  2. I live in SC and it sure is a great place to be : ) That book is amazing by the way!

  3. Enjoy your trip back East!

  4. Have a safe trip!

    I loved Beautiful Creatures (and need to see the movie!) as well as the other books in the series. There is four total and the last one gets a bit out there but overall I did love the series. All make for a quick read!

  5. You know I live in Charlotte now... Maybe we can get together for lunch or something and you can introduce me to one of these places I need to visit around here :-)

  6. Oh my goodness, have the BEST time! I'm not exactly all the way across the country when I go to school, but I miss my home in VA so much when I'm at school, but then as soon as I'm home, I miss SC so much, so I totally feel ya! I can't wait to read all about your adventures at home!

  7. Enjoy your time there! I went to Clemson University for undergrad and miss the rolling blue hills so very much. Go Tigers! :)