Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've missed the grass and the trees

Long weekends are the best treat.
On Friday B and I headed down to San Diego with friends to check out some of the local breweries. 
Afterwards we headed across the bridge into Coronado Island. Be still my heart, be still. It's the most greenery I've seen since we left the east coast and then being able to look across the bay at the San Diego skyline, seriously good livin.
We had dinner in Coronado at their brewery/restaurant and took a walk around the island, drooling over all of the Hampton style homes. 

...And then we saw this...
What in the world? Have you ever in your life seen a home like this, outside of a Disney movie?

During our dinner stroll our curious minds looked up what it would cost to live in this gorgeous location and it quickly turned into a 16 million dollar dream crusher. It was still nice to enjoy the views and all the greenery. I am pretty sure at one point I keeled down to pet the grass. I know it's going to sound crazy, but while we have big beautiful palms and large succulents, the greenery here is different than I'm used and I miss it.

It's almost become a weekend tradition, so you guested it, we also went hiking. We've become quite the junkies since we moved out here. We've done most of the trails near our house, but thanks to the AllTrails app, we were able to discover a few more, like the Santa Margarita River Trail.
And hanging out with hubby on a big rock in the middle of nowhere, enjoying this view is what hiking is all about.

PS. Another app for the adventurer heart is History Here. Our friends told me about this one when we went out Friday, and I cannot wait to put it to use.


  1. Coronado is awesome! I was there this time last year.
    If you enjoy hiking you guys should spend a weekend around the Santa Barbara area. Great hiking in and around Monecito and Ojai!

  2. LOVE Coronado...the Hotel Del is gorgeous and not far from my aunt and uncles quarters on the Naval Station. When you're back in SD, check out the Kansas City BBQ, if you haven't already....Top Gun was filmed there! It's a dive...but a fun one! Also love me some Gas Lamp District!! :-)

  3. You're posts make me so excited to move to SD! Only a couple more months!

  4. Nice place i don't know where it is but your pics and the backgroung looking amazing.

    Jhon Struass
    Hotel management company

  5. That house! So cute and fairy-tale-ish! It totally reminds me of the Hugh Comstock cottages in Carmel... Like you stepped into Hansel and Gretel or something. Looks like a fun day!