Thursday, May 30, 2013

identity crisis

On Sunday we went to a cookout with some of our favorite friends in California. Everyone was ragging on me (in love) for dressing like a hipster one day and a little edgy the next. But c'mon y'all isn't that the best thing about fashion? Playing dress up!
[Headband: Forever 21, Necklace: Charming Charlies, Arm Cuff: Etsy, Vest: Forever 21, Tank: Forever 21, Shorts: Heavenly Couture, Sandals: DbDk]

On another note I am loving this new-to-me store I stumbled upon shopping in San Clemente, Heavenly Couture. It's where I got these super classy denim cutoffs. 

Okay, so my shorts are probably not the best representation of what the store has to offer, but they have become a summer staple of mine. Everything in the store is $16 and what's even better, for those of you not in California, they are online, so make sure you check them out. Besides, who doesn't love a trendy discount shop? Then again, I may be a little partial because they are currently exclusive to California.


  1. you look cute! i oculd never pull off the headband.

  2. Cute outfit! Ahh crazy how cheap clothes are in the USA :) Would love that kind of style and clothes in France too.

  3. You look darling! It's so much more fun to play around with fashion out there, and you do it so well!!

  4. if I put on this outfit i would get boo'd at by strangers and friends. wish I could rock the headband so bad.

  5. That outfit is super cute on you!