Monday, May 13, 2013

anniversary date

This past weekend was fabulous! It was the kind of weekend that went by so fast, you hardly remember how you ended up at Sunday. This year for our anniversary, we headed to Balboa Park.
After touring the lovely gardens, we stopped for a picnic before visiting some of the museums.
A few years back, Christina at Carolina Charm shared with us her picnic backpack. I loved the idea and mentally stored it away to add to our wedding registry. I also purchased one for a friends wedding a few months before ours. It's the perfect gift for a wedding - it's the gift of a date night.
We got so caught up in the scenery and wildlife around us that we ended up not having time to visit any of the museums. Instead, after our picnic we headed to the beach down the street from our condo to watch the sunset.
I am feeling very lucky for this man and the opportunity to enjoy this state.


  1. Beautiful!! Love the pictures! Love seeing yalls adventures :)

  2. Looks like the weather was perfect!!! And your picnic backpack is adorable...I got one from "picnic at ascot" off ruelala last year and can't wait to break it out this summer!

  3. such a fun day! Love those picnic backpacks. We don't picnic a lot but I would make a point to more if I had one of those bad boys!

  4. Beautiful!!!! What a fun weekend : )

  5. Gorgeous! So glad y'all had a great anniversary date! Here's the Shrimp & Grits recipe I promised you...

  6. My brother gave us that same picnic bag (in navy blue) for our wedding and we love it! Looks like you had the perfect one year celebration. Here's to many more!

  7. Happy belated Anniversary!
    It looks like you two had the PERFECT time together! And that backpack, I've never seen anything like it. I NEED one, ha!
    Gorgeous pictures and GORGEOUS couple!