Friday, April 12, 2013

farmers market style

The Oceanside Farmers Market has become one of my most favorite things about where we live. When putting together my own meals after visiting the market, I often catch myself channeling Ina Garten who always cooks up fabulous meals from fresh ingredients, rich with flavor.
[sunglasses: Ray Bans, earrings: Forever 21, necklace: gift: bridesmaid gift - hunt wedding, dress: Forever 21, top: Ture Avorites, bracelets: Vida Kush via Hautelook, booties: Charlotte Russe]

I've finally built a relationship with vendors who now save my favorite goodies I come for every week. Like the gyre cheese and green onion bread loaves that are usually gone within the first hour of the market opening... 
We devoured it in one setting last night.
Have a great weekend y'all! 


  1. I miss the farmers markets the most (and the beach, and being close to family)! I would go every week with my little in his jogger and stock up on the yummy treats I loved so much!