Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Condo Tour: Seaside Mantle

I have been playing around with our [faux] fireplace mantle since we first moved into our place. I researched "how to" decorate a mantle, pinned over 30 mantle ideas, and after completely covering the mantle with different shapes and layers, it felt cluttered and overwhelming.

A mantle has always been something that I wanted in a house, which is maybe why I've spent so much time on this little piece of our home. The previous tenets added the floating wall shelf above the fireplace in our condo. If they hadn't left it, I probably would have purchased an actual floating mantle, but those babies are a little pricey, so I am grateful for what we have now. 

Finally I discovered, a simple mantle is a happy mantle in this condo.
[Candles: ELLE]
The mirror has been in our family forever and it's probably the heaviest thing we own. It was our  B's inspiration for decorating the living room in gold and black. Still a few more details to complete before I show off the living room, but it's apparent that theme didn't work out well. 

...I am sure our mantel will change with seasons and holidays...but for now this it's perfect for our little beach condo.


  1. LOVE it! So, exactly how far from the beach are you?

  2. Super cute! This screams Cali!

  3. The mantle looks great and I LOVE that mirror!

  4. Love the beachy look and LOVE that mirror! What a treasure!

  5. Super cute! I am loving little glimpses inside your space! You're such a creative decorator!

  6. Adorable! We have one of those fake Amish Fireplaces that we use as our "bar." I wish I had a real mantle, though! (Or someplace to put all the alcohol so that I could use the fireplace as a mantle....)

    — Heather

  7. I love that painting! Where is it from? :)