Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Condo Tour: Office Space

Today I want to share with you all my office space!
Originally this space was going to be a vanity area, but instead I decided to use turn this area into an office. I want this space to feel like a vacation every time I sit down, and what better way to have that than to bring in some coastal inspirations.
...candles because they are a must have in about every crevice of a room. 
Nothing stimulates creativity for me like music and candles.

My table doesn't have any drawers or storage, so all my papers, pens, and other supplies are in plain view. To keep everything from not looking cluttered, I kept the look crisp with white organizers, including this lazy susan pencil holder.
Being an obsessed stationary collector, I needed a place to store all of my note cards. I passed by this candle holder at Marshalls for weeks until I decided it was the perfect home for all of my stationary. I simply took out the glass piece meant to hold a candle, and viola.
Momma bought these wicker chairs as one of her many housewarming gifts. B and I both have one for our desks. Similar ones can be found here.

Lastly, if you peek through the blinds of the window, you can see a few California palms which I think completely brings my entire look together.


  1. I love your cute little desk space! I love the beachy feel, and I bet it's so relaxing when trying to get work done :)

  2. Love love love!! I like white for my workspace too... it's like a blank canvas and lets the creativity flow!

    Lovely, as always

  3. You should be an interior decorator I swear! I always love your decorating posts. :)

  4. Light colors can make you feel very relaxed while working. I can say that it's a good decision that you transformed this into an office. I've read your post regarding your condo tour and I've seen that you're a beach lover. Hehe! I was wondering on how you got this place. You're very lucky to have it this good. :)