Monday, April 01, 2013

city of stars

B had Good Friday off so for the extended weekend we decided to do something a little adventurous. 
We hiked the HOLLYWOOD SIGN! 
Back when I was in high school, we took a short family trip out to California where I first saw the sign. From that point, hiking up to the sign has been on my bucket list. When I first suggested it to B, he was a little unenthusiastic, but I was hell bent. I mean com'on, it's one of the most well-known landmarks in the United States.

First we walked behind the sign...
...then searched around...
...and climbed up the sides of a few mountains...
...until we found the front of the sign!

We even watched a few hikers pass the 'no trespassing fence,' and sit their happy butt smack dab in front of the L. Shortly after the LAPD notified them over a loud speaker that they would be waiting at the bottom when they got back down - obviously.

By the way...Did you know the sign was haunted

After our hike we were super hungry and stumbled upon probably the coolest restaurant for not having a clue where we were. Alcove Cafe & Bakery and Big Bar.
Not that I know anything about food in LA, but I would highly recommend this place It's adorable and was packed, so I am thinking it's somewhat popular. Then again everything, including the streets were packed so it may just be the area.

We had a blast on our day trip to LA! Loved the people, loved the vibe. I don't see it being somewhere we spend a lot of time while we're here, but we will defiantly be visiting again. If you are ever visiting or living around the area, I would highly recommend hiking the Hollywood sign. We totally both agreed it was one of most monumental adventures we've had thus to moving across the country, of course.


  1. We recently hiked the Hollywood sign too! It was a fun little adventure. :)

  2. I would LOVE TO DO THAT! I have been up there in the neighborhood enough to take pictures but never hiked it.
    So, no celeb sightings?? check out this one a few years ago that we had when out there at one of the trendy restaurants.

  3. what a fun adventure! I have actually thought about doing little hiking/walking there but I'm pretty sure hubby would say "no" or give me a "are you out of your mind" look"

  4. This is definitely on my Cali bucket list!

  5. How fun!! Looks like you had a blast and that drink looks super refreshing.

  6. If you go anywhere near Manhattan Beach, you need to go to Sloopy's. AMAZING!!! Also, El Tarasco is yummy too!