Monday, March 11, 2013

to top it off

I'm a FroYo junkie...and it doesn't help that my addiction is enabled by my Cali girls who crave it as much as I do. My FroYo intake has increased greatly since B's been in the field. I've been without him for a few months at a time when I lived in Charlotte, but the rookie military spouse in me is completely missing this kid even more now, although our separation is much shorter. Moving out here is the first time we've lived alone together and the first time I've been without family. It's made us grow a lot in our relationship, shown me how much I enjoy and need this man in my life. There is nothing like experiencing a lifestyle much different from the one you've grown up knowing than by moving 3,000 miles away.

Anyways back to the sweets and less about the underlying reason why I am eating them so often...
Tart flavored frozen yogurt
Rainbow Sprinkles (a ton of rainbow sprikles)
Gummy Bears
Captain Crunch
And since it's become a weekly date...I mean HELLO the base has Froyo, how can I say no? And not that I'll ever get bored of my favorite mixture,  but I've got to know...what is your favorite self serve concoction? ...Just in case I want to mix things up.


  1. I love berries (blueberries and/or strawberries), chocolate chips and granola with a tart and/or chocolate base! Oh the possibilities :)

  2. I love FroYo! There's one less than 2 minutes from my house! I love the original tart with tons of fruit and dark chocolate pieces... counts as healthy right :)

  3. I never had a FroYo before, but that looks delicious

  4. I am addicted to FroYo too! Sweet frog is right around the corner from us so it is my go-to. Favorite mix: cake batter yogurt with white chocolate chips, brownie bites, and nutella. Can you say sweet tooth!

  5. I've never tried FroYo, but everyone raves about it. Maybe I should try it!

  6. oh I love froyo! A sweet flavored froyo with: strawberries, blueberries, cookie dough bites, oreos, cheesecake bites, and caramel walnuts. Go big or go home right!?! If if eat it too often I will be too big ;)

  7. We have a fabulous FroYo place called Swizzles that just opened within walking distance from our house! It's dangerous!

  8. Our fro-yo place has these little bobo balls with juice in them. Quite yummy! And I always get gummy bears :)

  9. The froyo place we used to live by in Georgia was AMAZING. They always had cheesecake bites and marshmallow sauce...ahhhh. Haven't found a good replacement here yet (2 years going...but at least we have Dairy Queen!)

  10. Froyos never fail to make me happy! It's my stress reliever nowadays. Anyway, Berry Happy is a cute and witty name. And it seems that they have tasty froyos to back that name up. Will love to visit one of their stores soon!

    -Joseph Carr