Tuesday, February 12, 2013

our first visitor!!

Momma came for a short visit this past weekend!
I took her the Pizza Port beerfest benefiting breast cancer awareness. It was such a blast and the perfect way to kick off momma's time here in California...
 ...we took her to the harbor and then stopped at the beach to watch the NSSA surf competition...
 ...and as we were leaving we saw a BABY SEAL!!! Hands down cutest thing ever. Just like a puppy. Seeing a little guy like that in the wild takes the aquarium cool factor down a notch... 
 ...and then my husband bought another Harley. (He sold his first one before we moved.) This time he purchased a Fatboy...can't wait to ride on the back of this baby on the PCH!
 ...I took momma shopping Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach. Which is beautiful, but a little fancy for our tastes. It was nice to have her here to help to bounce ideas of of when we were shopping for our new place...
...and while I tried to kidnap her permanently, she had to go back home. Apparently some people have jobs, not that I would know anything about that these days.


  1. That seal is TOO cute! It sounds like y'all had the best time!

  2. Because I'm your friend... it's not "the pch", just pch :)))) Learning curve, I know... You're too cute! Looks like you guys are really settling in and making CA home

  3. What a fun visit! And oh my goodness, BABY SEAL!!

  4. Came across your blog and fell in love! You are such a gem and I love reading about your California adventures. My husband is currently at TBS so reading stories about life afterwards is so exciting :)