Friday, February 01, 2013

Oceanside Farmers Market

Just down the street from our place is an adorable Oceanside Farmers Market every Thursday. EVERY THURSDAY! You may have heard this before, but I am a farmers market junkie! To know that there is one I can go to everything week just a short walk away is so exciting to me. Yesterday a girlfriend and I met up and hit the market together for the first time.
(Left) Ashton's new photo albums / (Right) Yummy avocados
(Left) Beach tunes / (Right) Homemade baked deliciousness
And other than the incredible views and amazing company of course, the best thing about Farmers Markets are flowers!

Just wait until I show you what happens to this street at sunset on Thursdays!


  1. Oceanside Farmer's Market is awesome! I'm very jealous it's year-round, benefits of a warm climate. I'm anxiously counting down to our farmer's market opening back up in May.

  2. We have never been to the one in Oceanside because they say parking is a mess, but I am looking forward to hitting it up one Thursday evening! I hear it is nothing short of magical!

  3. This makes me so excited to move to that area! I've visited SD a few times so I know how awesome it is but I can't wait to discover the little things I've missed as a traveler in the city!