Friday, February 08, 2013

little notes

Just days before I left Charlotte, I received one of the sweetest anonymous notes. I was meeting up with a friend for drinks and running late when I saw a white piece of paper on my windshield as I headed to my car. I rolled my eyes thinking it was someone commenting on my park job or maybe some kind of prank. I grabbed the note quickly, jumped into my car and turned it over.
"Thank you for serving our country. Praying for you all."
Now, I am obviously not in the military, but at the time I had an EGA (eagle, globe, and anchor) sticker on the bottom right of my back window, and the anonymous person would have never known the difference. 

Two things that immediately came to mind. 
Judgement. It's so sad that we are exposed to so much negativity and all the bad things that people do in this world, that sometimes we're so quick to assume people are just trying to be mean. It's an easy way to miss out on really understanding and appreciating the good in people. 
Love. I teared up. This person probably tore apart a small corner of paper and scribbled down this note in second. It reminded me of Operation NICE I participated in a few years back. Like myself when leaving notes for Operation NICE, whoever wrote this probably didn't think twice that this small little note, would leave such a big impact on my heart.

I kept the note in my wallet for months. 
Once we arrived in California, I framed the piece of paper and hung it on our wall. 
I placed it just above our key rack as a daily reminder for us to be grateful that as a military couple, we have love, prayers, and support from people we don't even know.


  1. I love this! What an amazing reminder that there are kind people out there! Thank you and Ben for all you both do for our country!!

  2. Oh my gosh this gave me chills! Coming from a family where most men have served, it is so nice to see that! I appreciate everything you and Ben do :) have a great weekend girl!

  3. How cool!?! Doesn't that make you want to leave a little note for someone else?! I love that!!

  4. Pregnancy hormones seem to be out of whack today. I would have teared up over this anyway, but I am sitting at my desk bawling. That was such a sweet thing for someone to do and I love the beautiful way you have honored the gesture.

  5. Aww, how sweet :) Cheers to you both and all of us military couples!

  6. I love that you framed it!! such a great idea and reminder that ppl really do appreciate