Thursday, February 07, 2013


If you don't work out to this music....
You should. Go on, add them to your iPod. 

Skrillex pumps me up like nothing else, but any kind of dubstep or electronic will do. It's everywhere out here in California, pretty much the only things the clubs will play. Are you into the craze?

...and precisely why my husband refuses to let me drive on the 5 listening to dubstep...


  1. That Driving Miss Daisy/Vin Deisel picture sums up my life. Seriously though... I love DubStep when I'm running, it might as well be super power entering the body through my earbuds!

  2. Ha! that is too funny! In love with dubstep, its my go-to workout music. And we are crazy about this club in Downtown Norfolk that only plays electronic music, its a little sad how often we go :/ ha.

    ps: I went shopping yesterday, and told myself "channel Jordan" cause you know I'm trying to "toughen up" my look a bit...haha....that may be kinda creepy but I had to tell you! :)