Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stone Brewery

The same day we went to the San Diego Zoo Safari we took a tour of Stone Brewery, but I felt it deserved a separate post because it was that awesome. From the moment we arrived into California we had locals mention this brewery to be one of the first stops we needed to make and friends who had lived here in the past informed us of the brewery as well.
They even have a fabulous bistro and garden to sit and enjoy a few drinks and grab a bite to eat after your tour. A group of us have made plans to all have dinner there in the coming weeks, and if the food is remotely close to as flavorful as their beers, it's going to be an awesome date!
Before we left, we chose a beer to bring back with us; B picked Stone Enjoy By IPA and I selected Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale. Each one that we tried were all pretty heavy in texture and flavor. These beers are the kind you pair with a dish, like you would a good wine. What we're even more excited about is that Stone Brewery has opened a company store within walking distance of our place! It's a perfect place to show off to our friends and family when they come to visit.


  1. Oh! Go to Hangar 24 Brewery too! Best. Beer. Ever. It's in Redlands, but still, it's awesome.
    And have you been to BevMo yet? I think you'd love the wide selection of differents hard alcohol, wine and beer!
    And I LOVE San Diego Wild Animal Safari. It's SO much better than all the other SoCal zoos.
    OH! AND! Make sure you go to a Padres game when the season starts. PetCo Park is THE best baseball stadium. Even if you don't like baseball, go anyway. It's that great :) And so is the Gaslight District :)
    Makes me miss California! :(

  2. That is so cool! I wish I liked beer... but sadly I don't. We have a brewery right in the next village. Its call Bitburger. Obviously, its very popular around here but apparently also known in the states. I wouldn't know, because I could care less about drinking the stuff. I do, however, want to go to see the Heineken museum/brewery in Amsterdam next time we go. I heard that was pretty astounding.

    Lacey @

  3. When we were in SD for the Color Run we went to the brewery as well. My husband loves Stone so we really enjoyed it. We also had lunch there. The food is SO good and thankfully it was a beautiful day so we also enjoyed the gardens. It's a fun little spot to hit in SoCal.

  4. your scarf! I die. actually your entire outfit. I'm trying to "toughen up" my style a bit...this is a look I just may copy! :) And a coincidence I blogged about beer today too?!?

  5. Love how you are out exploring SoCal already. Since the two of you like good food and adult beverages about an hour(no to light traffic) N on the 5 is “the playground”. So worth the drive. YUMMY!

  6. Love Stone! You need to try some Arrogant Bastard too, it is another delish SD beer. I'm sure you can get some at the Jolly Roger in Oceanside :)