Tuesday, January 01, 2013

one word.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! The morning of the new year, I always wake up feeling so refreshed and excited for the new start. If you have been reading this blog for a few years now you know that instead of resolutions I give myself one word to focus on for the new year.

 2012 was a BIG year...

I got engaged to my favorite hunk...
And then got married lickty split!
Watched as my love molded as a Marine and man...
Celebrated as our best friends tied the knot!
Said a hard goodbye to Charlotte...
And followed my heart to DC...
And as soon as I arrived, found out we would be moving across the country...
struggled with it a little bit...
Visited Cleveland for the first time...
Got my first tattoo, whhhhat?!
Made some incredible military friends and learned how much of a bummer it is having to say "see ya later" to some of them...
Got married. AGAIN!

It was without a doubt an incredible year of celebrations and relishing in all those beautiful moments that were only possible through the graces of God! Equally, this was year of transitions and painful moments and learning to take those road blocks as a learning experience and to become better through them.

2013, will again be a year of transitions and new experiences, some far from anything I've ever done in my life.
This year I want to focus on fully making a life in California, growing with my husband, being open to new opportunities, and being wholly present in where we are now.
While always keeping in mind...

What would be/is your one word to describe how you want to dive into 2013?


  1. My word is Thrive. My husband is deploying this month, and I want to take every opportunity this year to grow and develop my own talents and interests.

  2. What a big year 2012 was for you! So happy to be on the journey with you!

    I also think you chose the PERFECT word for 2013. This new adventure is going to be wonderful but as the challenges come, you can always think back to how important it is to be present in your own life.

    Kudos. Can't wait to see how it goes!

  3. Sweet Jordan I am so proud of you and we are honored to have you as our daughter-in-law. I love your word for 2013 and as always we love you !!!!!

  4. I love the one word challenge. Last year my word was "grace" and oh my goodness did that word change me. I'm still tossing a few words around - intentional, humble, hope - right now. We have so many big things coming in 2013 (job changes for me, first child on the way - WHAT?!, and hopefully my husband finishing school) so I want every moment to count. Happy moving!

  5. joy, finding the joy in the everyday

  6. I love one little word choices for the new year. Mine is "opportunity" and I've always gone after what I want in life but sometimes I've been delaying things. So 2013 is my year of opportunity and I'm going to make doors where none exist. California is definitely going to be a different feel and pace for you, but your word choice is perfect for it :)

  7. Cant wait to see where you guys go next!!! My word is desire :-)