Tuesday, January 08, 2013

dashboard confessionals

Have you ever been pulled over? The first and only (knock on wood) time I had been pulled over for speeding I was a frantic, crying mess. When it was time to hand over my license and registration, I scrambled through all my paperwork, shoved into some console, somewhere in my car, for what felt like eternity. I hope my reaction would be a little less hysterical if I get pulled over again, but I know it's an anxious feeling never the less.  
It was at that moment I planned to dedicated my glove compartment to store any go to items I may need while driving. 
Next to the registration and insurance, an owners manual is probably one of the most important things you can keep in your car. I understand that you can easily go to an auto part store and they can tell you the kind of light your break light requires, but it's good to have your manual to double check because sometimes they do make mistakes. Also, the owners manual give directions on how to change easy things like your lights and your filter, which will save you SO MUCH money!
 For all my paperwork, I use a small according file with my own custom tabs. You can get them anywhere, I purchased this one at Target. You can keep whatever you personally feel you need to keep in your car. Of course this file would be a good place to store your insurance and registration. You can also keep gas receipts (I do this on the off chance I end up with bad gas...it happens people!), contact numbers, out of state inspection information, milage and tire rotation information, ect. 

(Side Note: Do NOT ever store your car title in you car! If for whatever reason your car is stolen and your title is in the vehicle, the thief could potentially forge your signature and transfer it easier into another name.)

Taking these small organizational steps are an easy way to eliminate unnecessary stress, especially when you're in a frantic moment.


  1. Oooh...a cute pink organizer. I NEED one of those! I've got tons of loose papers just floating around in there right now.

  2. I have an organizer in my car too. Have for years. It's the only way to go. Yes, no title. That would be nuts!

  3. Great idea! I need to do this.

    You can pay off the police here with 20 euros. 20 euros and NO ticket. I need to put 20 euros in my car just in case I get pulled over ;) I did receive a picture ticket a few months back though, and of course you can't get out of that one.

  4. I love that paper organizer idea!! I was just thinking how I should be saving my receipts from oil changes, buying tires etc and that is a great place