Wednesday, November 07, 2012

wedding veil

When I went wedding dress shopping, my consultant was slightly aggressive. Bless her heart, she was the sweetest woman, but was probably more used to the super giddy bride and got stuck with me...the girl who wasn't paying more than $500 for a dress, wouldn't try on anything with too much poof, and almost had a panic attack after being forced into a cathedral style veil. In my defense however, I have known for years the look I wanted when it came to choosing my veil. I absolutely adore the vintage look of a birdcage veil and knew my gown needed to pair well with that style. I actually began looking for my veil long before I began planning the majority of the wedding, and when I found it, I had more of a reaction to it than my dress. I selected this bandeau look, which is a little more material than I originally wanted, but when you know, you know. 
I cannot wait to wear it! 

BUT. If I were to wear a more traditional veil, this lace beauty would be such a statement! 


  1. The birdcage veil is a staple for any vintage bride--glad you stuck to your guns!

  2. I love the birdcage veils. I went with the cathedral length, but only because it was a 200 year old family veil. Love the vintage look.

  3. The birdcage veil is going to look stunning on you! I went completely sans-veil, which was just a personal preference to not worry about messing with my hair haha, but I adore the look of birdcages when people can pull them off. You definitely will!

    Southern Living, Our Way ~

  4. Lovely!! You are going to be a stunner, even more than usual!! :)

  5. I really regret not wearing a veil at my wedding. I love that first one, so pretty!