Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I'm usually pretty good at falling asleep, but at the slightest disturbance throughout the night, whether it be a text message, or getting a glass of water...when I wake up, I am awake. I am not one to easily fall back to sleep. During one of these wide awake mornings around 4am, I stumbled across a website called Drinkify. You simply type in an artist that you are listening to and they suggest a drink to accompany that kind of music.
...ha! "The Justin Beiber" made me laugh. 
For a little bit of mindless fun, check it out for yourself! 


  1. haha! pretty cool :) I love the sublime! right on, and with the Justin Bieber, I would add a little vodka to make it extra special ;) and not just a glass of merlot while listening to Mr. Sinatra, the entire bottle! funny stuff. Happy voting day Jordan!

  2. The Miranda Lambert "Garnish with umbrella" one cracks me up!! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. The Miranda Lambert one made me laugh