Monday, October 15, 2012

wedding planning perspective

Can I be honest with you? Planning this second wedding has been slightly tortuous for me. From writing what seems to be an endless amount of checks over hundreds of dollars, stressing about decorations and other peoples expectations, to planning our move and setting up our life across the United States, I've just been "over it". Many times when I get too overwhelmed, my poor momma ends up being my punching bag. This past Friday, we decided to take one last trip to my venue before the "big day" and it was just what I needed to rekindle that excitement I felt when I first stepped foot on the plantation grounds. 

The day began before the sun and with a gift from momma reminding me not to sweat the small stuff in the form of this dainty necklace from Olive Yew. I have yet to take it off!
 Once we arrived into the Charleston city limits, I could immediately tell the change in my attitude. I feel so laid back and at peace there, and it's exactly why we chose Charleston for our wedding, and why so much of my heart still belongs there even after we moved. I've been so concerned with the tiny details and others accommodations, but seeing this plantation again...I know I could have nothing except music and booze and our family and friends would have a blast!
We stopped by the plantation early in the day and were able to catch a glimpse of a wedding in the beginning process of set up. It was great for inspiration our own nuptials and turned out to be a gorgeous day for the bride! So all this wedding talk got me thinking, in the end, it is going to be whatever it is. And if the groom can't make it to the rehearsal dinner because of his job, well that's just another normal for us. And if it rains, well then some farmer's cow probably needed the rain more than I needed the shine. And being okay with all of that, diminishes all of those overwhelming feelings.


  1. Oh Jordan, I know the feeling! We didn't even have a rehearsal at all and my hubby worked the morning of our wedding and even later that night. That is kinda our Marine Corps normal isn't it?! Just remember, you're married to your very best friend and no person, weather or situation can change that. How blessed you already are!

  2. That is sooo pretty! Which plantation is that? I live in Charleston and don't believe I've seen it before...

  3. I got married outside on a Easter Sunday in 2010. Statistically, it rains on Easter. I remember many an egg hunt done in doors. I took a gamble because that day worked best for us. We got married at a fishing lodge on a lake because it was the only place I knew we could afford that wouldn't be a church. It had been chilly that week, too. We ended up with an 80-degree, bright and sunny day. Some people couldn't come because of the holiday, but I honestly can't remember who. At some point, you just have to launch the whole thing into space and let it be and it seems you have arrived at that moment. Invitations are out- all you have to do now is show up and be gorgeous. Oh, and Easter Sunday happened because of training... and we had to work to make that happen. You won't need the saber arch butt-slap to welcome you to the Corps- you've already dealt with it!

  4. --Beautiful-- local.

  5. Gorgeous! Hang in there.. you're right. It will be what it will be :)