Monday, October 29, 2012

Marine Corps Marathon

 This weekend B ran the 37th Marine Corps Marathon for the 4th time! A group of us took the metro into the city and braved the crowd of 30,000+ runners and 125,000+ plus specters early Sunday morning.

After we watched the boys take off, Leah (a fellow Marine wife) and I hiked to mile marker 12 to meet up with the boys for a little encouragement. Our travels took us trekking across the highway, which wasn't the safest route I am sure, but it was unbelievably scenic. 
It took us about an hour to get to the first meet up point which happened to be just by the Jefferson Memorial. It's probably the only monument I haven't been to and we had 45 minutes to burn, so we stopped in for a quick tour.
After a "stay motivated, we're so proud of you and a kiss at mile 12", we headed over to meet them at mile 15 and 19.
Realizing we were getting to the end, we booked our behinds to the finish line to cheer our guys in! Leah is one determined women because if it wasn't for her, we would not have been able to get to all these points AND find a way to squeeze our ways to the very front of the gate just before the finish line.
See that yellow flag all the way in the distance hidden behind the trees? That's where we were!
It's 100% true what people say about how emotional finishing a marathon is for some people, especially one of the most popular marathon's in the world. Working so hard for something, allowing your mind to be stronger than what you think your body can take, it's amazing to watch.
 Needless to say after the marathon we were all exhausted! And just as I was ready to call it a day, I was informed that we got back home just in time to change and head out the door for a wet down party that evening. And although insomnia was starting to kick in, it was a blast of course! B seriously works with some of the coolest guys plus, I got to chat it up all night with my fellow Cali girls!
Thankfully, this "Frankenstorm" held off during all our weekend festivities, but Hurricane Sandy to starting to make her way in and the wind is getting crazy around here. Stay safe love doves! 


  1. I hope y'all stay safe through this storm. We are getting some crazy wing and rain here in NY. Congratulations to Ben =)

  2. Please stay safe during this storm. Congrats to Ben on the race :)

  3. Congrats to your hubby! What an accomplishment! I cried when the Marine put my MCM medal around my neck. I wanted to give him the "hoo-rah" rather than the reverse. Y'all stay safe and dry!

  4. So looking forward to this next year! My love for DC is unexplainable! Just something about being in our nation's capital and surrounded by Marines. There's nothing like it!

  5. Congrats to Ben! such an awesome accomplishment! You're weekend sounded great! Hope you all are safe and sound during and after the storm.

  6. um coolest path EVER for a run!! What a great way to get motivated!

  7. Jordan, so proud of Ben..and YOU! The pictures bring back such good memories because DC was my "playground" 60 years ago. The scenery never changes. Love and prayers to you and Ben from Jo (Britney's Mimi)