Monday, October 01, 2012

flavors of fall

We've been so blessed to have family in Northern Virginia that have graciously open their homes to both B and I for the short time that we are here. We've been able to save money and when it comes to moving, the process will be much easier.With autumn's official arrival, B asked if I would pick up a few things that would give us that sense of fall in our little corner of the house. Not wanting to miss out on the cozy and homey-ness that comes with autumn, I went on a hunt for the flavors of fall.
[Pumpkin Bread Mix, Hot Apple Cider Tea, Sweet Potato Pancake Mix (for the happiest pancake ever), Pumpkin Ale (Sam Adams is my favorite), Seasonal Candle (I always get mine at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx for half the price), Pumpkin Decor for the table]

B even picked up his own little piece of fall on his way home. Sweet husband of mine.

PS. I just cannot wait experience our first DC Pumpkin Day in a few weeks! We're bringing my little cousins along for the ride this year!


  1. I love everything about fall! And what a sweet hubby you have--those flowers are so pretty!

  2. I'm loving all things pumpkin and fall right now! I just saw a commercial for pumpkin white chocolate lattes at Dunkins...that sounds amazing!

  3. I love that little white pumpkin!! Everything you picked out was adorable :)

  4. That apple cider photo makes me crave a chilly day cuddled in front of the fireplace!! And I just bought my first Fall Yankee candle of the year - Apple Pumpkin! It smells so heavenly :)

  5. I love autumn! Missing Maryland more than ever, not being up there in the fall! Enjoy some good foliage and sweet potato pancakes for me! :)