Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tour of the House of the Commandants

Last week I visited family in Charlotte and attended a friends (and fellow military spouses's) baby shower. I'm feeling like we are in such a weird limbo, Charlotte is home, DC is home, Havelock is home, and our things are spread along the way, like a little bread crumb trail.
Sunday however, I hightailed it back to "DC home" for Monday's Tour of the House of the Commandants. (By the way, does anyone else agree that driving on Sunday during football season should be prohibited and then Monday should become Sunday and the week should begin on Tuesday? Me too.) Anyways...A large group of ladies whose husbands are currently at The Basic School, Communication School, and the Infantry Officer's Course, pilled into a shuttle and headed for 8th and I Street in Washington, DC. Upon arrival to the Commandant's house, we were welcomed with perfect weather and greeted by quite possibly one of the most stunning homes I've laid my eyes upon.
We learned all about the home's history, ghost stories, past Commandants, and artifacts...
I was totally in awe by this picture perfectly placed next to a family photo. Seeing a photo of the President, First ladies, and the Commandant in real life, just as you would have a photo of best friends from college, not on TV or in a magazine was kind of amazing. A totally different reality. 
The fabulous group of military spouses! 
Oh and did I mention I was able to meet the First Lady of the Marine Corps, Bonnie Amos? She was absolutley fabulous, encouraging, loving, humble, gorgeous, filled with an amazing sense of humor, and just about everything I strive to be in a wife.
We also met Chesty, the mascot of the Marine Corps.
Isn't he the smoochiest mascot ever?! YES! (Ben would kill me for saying that!)
It was an honor to attend such a lovely event yesterday and as we drove into DC, we passed the Pentagon and large American flags hanging from office buildings in the city. It was an inspiring reminder of the strength our country continues to have as we remember such an act of hate on September 11th, 2001. I am unbelievably grateful to all those all those who serve and protect this lifestyle that I don't appreciate enough.

PS. My friend Dana blogged about the day as well. Check out her post here!


  1. So awesome. And slightly jealous. There is an unparallelled pride among the enlisted ranks, but something like this makes me slightly wish my hubby was an officer! haha! And then I think "Nah, I can't fight the pride of being an enlisted wife even though we miss out on stuff like this!" Thanks for sharing! What a beautiful home :)

  2. WOW- what a special event! I think I would have been an absolute ball of nerves getting to meet a woman who was my absolute embodiment of my aspirations as a wife! AND: I love your dress, girl!

  3. oh WOW! Our church is about a block from here on Barracks Row - I've walked by many times wondering what it looked like inside. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the great pics!

  4. Love it Jordan!!! Twas so much fun:0) i think we should go again with the Delta class!!! Love you!