Wednesday, September 05, 2012

just a hint

I'm pretty loyal when it comes nail polish labels. My mom always got on my case for spending $8 on a label nail polish over drugstore brands. That was until she bought her first bottle of OPI (on sale) and couldn't deny the lasting difference or how fabulously smooth the color glided on from it's one-of-a-kind brush. I will agree with my mom though, I got a little out of control when it came to the quantity of bottles I purchased. It was impractical and thankfully I have come to my senses that a new bottle or two a season is plenty.

I am holding off switching over to my fall clothes for a few more weeks seeing that we are hanging out with the upper 80's. However, if you are like this gal, you are itching to get back into rich colors. So for those of stuck in this predicament, try deep colored polishes for your preseason fix. 
Here are the colors I am swooning over this year...

Essie Recessionista. It's got a little edge on your staple red.
OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!. Even Michelle Obama is rocking gray this season.
Essie Stylenomics. Your wild card for the season.
Essie Carry On This burgundy hue is from last year's fall collection and it's still one of my absolute favorites. Burgundy is the sexy, it color this fall and is even being seen on lips and nails. I've got it on my toes as we speak. 


  1. I know how the nail polish addicition can feel. My Mom got me hooked on estee Lauder polish, $20 a bottle. I'm having to budget a nail polish expense. Lol

  2. I went ahead and sprung for burgundy on my fingers, and feel like it may have been a bit pre-mature for the season. I keep seeing lots of bright colors out. Oh well, it makes me happy!

  3. saw the new fall colors for Essie at Target the other day
    drooled over them, but passed them by for now
    waiting for some cooler weather to appear

  4. You know me and my OPI love :) But I'm proud to say that I have been very good this year. I've only added the small Minnie Mouse collection and I'm saving up for the holiday James Bond collection, because I just can't pass up their holiday shades! I bought Summer and Fall last year, so I think I'm covered now, haha

  5. i just painted my nails with stylenomics last night, and im a little disappointed at how "black" it looks. opi's you dont know jacques is one of my all-time fall faves!

  6. how pretty is stylenomics! I think I might need to go pick it up! xo

  7. I agree with Laura, my favorite fall color is You don't know Jacques too. I wear it all the way into spring. Loving your colors though. So pretty and perfect for fall!

  8. Check out Rimmels nail polish! It's like half the price and I can actually paint my nails (Just wish they had more colors). OPI and other expensive brands just don't work for me, but the Rimmel brush is rounded and it's the perfect applicator for me :) Love the colors you posted of!