Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Did you all have a fabulous extra long weekend? It was pulling teeth to get us to leave the coast. As much have we are enjoying our time in DC and as much as I enjoyed my time in Charlotte, we are coastal babies when it comes to heart of it. It's where we feel most at home, most at peace, and most ourselves. 
On top of spending our days at the beach, we were able to go out with college friends in downtown New Bern and pretend we were in college again...
... we scoped out hotties at the other end of the bar...
...said cheers to our favorite memories and exciting future endeavors...
...and stayed out until we shut the place down.

We highly recommend it, especially when all your friends start getting settled but you and your husband still claim one another as boyfriend and girlfriend.

PS. Not to mention, all this beach time has me revved up for an extended summer so I can wear this sexy number that I just ordered at least once before autumn!


  1. Looks like y'all had a blast! I love nights like this!

  2. I need to have a night like this...that looks fun!

  3. Going back and re-living the glory days is so fun sometimes! I'm sure it was hard to leave!

  4. Love acting like I'm in college again. So fun!

  5. So fun! What a great weekend!