Monday, September 24, 2012

Cleveland Rocks!

Greetings from the city of Cleveland! 
I flew in on Wednesday night and spent the rest of the week out there visiting my dad. My dad has been living in Cleveland a little over half a year and everyone else has had the opportunity to visit him, except for me! That's right, my parents are a commuter marriage, this being the second time they've had to live apart. I find so much inner strength in my parents ability to adapt and overcome to situations like these.

So while this may not be the most ideal family situation at the moment, we have all totally taken advantage of this new place to explore. This city is seriously underrated, my dears!
First stop, the Indians baseball game, and a team Win!
Dinner on night one was in Little Italy at this truly Italian Restaurant called Anthony's. A friend from dad's work grew up in Little Italy of Cleveland and took us all around sharing stories of growing up in the area.
I had my very first glass of Sangiovese. It was incredible, incredible, incredible.
Day two, dad worked so I did a little shopping around the city and that evening we made our way out to the Cuyahoga Railroad Wine Train.
...after the wine train we stopped into Hodges for a midnight snack and a toddy served Mason jar style. 
The real damage that night, however, was the perfect slide into 3rd in the middle of the city of Cleveland, right in front of the House of Blues. Not my most graceful moment.
Saturday began with a trip to the most fantastic market I have ever walked into in Ohio City. Seriously if this market were down the street from my home, there might be a few issues in the eating department.
 That afternoon, we drove into the Village of Chagrin Falls. If I lived in Ohio, this my friends, would be the place. A quaint town which resembled that of a Lifetime Christmas Movie, you know the ones with the happy endings. It would be the perfect Oasis to come home to.

That waterfall is just just between those two buildings, crazy!
 Heading back towards Cleveland, we decided to make an out of the way detour to Gervasi, a fairly new winery in Canton, Ohio. [Basically we stopped so we could say we had wine every day. I'm kidding!] But seriously though, I've said on more than one occasion, we love wineries.
 Our last stop was dinner at Iron Chef' Michael Symon's Lola Bistro. If you ever have a chance to go, GO! And make sure you get the Lemon Lavender or 6am Special for dessert. We even sat next to what I believe was a food critic. Seriously how awesome would it be to get paid to EAT yumminess and write about it?
 I defiantly did not pack for the cooler weather up here, but the area had so much culture, so much vino love, and so many friendly locals, that I only complained about being cold a few times. It was such a good time! 


  1. What a fun city! I've never been to Cleveland, nor had much desire to go... Until now! I'll admit, you totally sold me based on the wine :) {We honeymooned in Napa - clearly vino is in my veins.}

    Follow along:
    {I'm a fellow UNCW alum now living in Charlotte!}

  2. I have never been to Cleveland before, being from Michigan it's kind of a goal to avoid Ohio as much as humanly possible lol. Looks like a fun city though. xo

  3. Some of our best friends live in Cleveland. It is totally under estimated!! So are the Lake Erie Islands. Must check them out sometime!

  4. My parents had a commuter marriage for 15 years, with my mom in CA and my dad in RI or NC... It ended about 1 year ago. It worked so well for them, but now that they're 100% living in CA together, they couldn't be happier! I swear it's why their marriage is going strong after 38 years ;)

  5. I absolutely love your pictures! Totally makes me want to go to Cleveland which I don't think I've ever even considered. Oh, and that wine train is calling my name!

  6. That looks like a really fun trip! now I think I need to add it to list of places to visit. And that is super awesome that you got to eat at Michael Symons restaurant.

  7. thanks for sharing your pics
    i have been a lot of places, but never cleveland
    might have to remedy that

  8. sounds like such a fun trip! the winery on your last day looks so pretty. love the chairs by the pond!

  9. I'm from Chagrin Falls! How random. My dad owns an inn/restaurant right around the corner from the falls. Glad you gave Cleveland their props. Love my city <3

  10. What a beautiful post, Jordan! I love the bit about your parents. If you are in northern va, please let me know if you are ever in Arlington or DC because I live here :)

    Sarah (Murphy) :)