Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Packing, moving, traveling, and exploring. 
Transitioning and adjusting.

Snapshots from the adventure...

...One last hefty breakfast at The Flying Biscuit before loading up the Uhaul. 
...An empty Charlotte apartment and goodbye to lovely memories. 
...Welcome home!
...A glass of vino before 5pm, surely the result of overwhelming traffic, ending up lost in a metro parking deck, and crying home to mom after day one.
...Since moving items into the storage unit was completely uninteresting to me, I opted for distracting lovey instead. 
...Pineapples spotted during exploration on day two + my new favorite restaurant.

More to come...stay tuned.  


  1. Can't wait to hear and see more!

  2. I absolutely love the Flying Biscuit. We have two locations near my house in Atlanta and I love to go whenever I am visiting my parents. Good luck with unpacking and getting settled.

  3. Ah this is all so exciting! Once I have moved house this week I will email you so we can meet up : )

  4. Move in day numero uno is always... and I mean... ALWAYS- stressful! Glad to see you survived! Keep the updates coming, missing you lots already in NC!

  5. This is very exciting! I'm glad you moved in safely and the vino looks delicious

  6. QUESTION ... when the heck are you coming to DC for a visit?! Old Town Alexandria is one of my favorite places to go ... and luckily, my husband agrees. I think we can actually justify spending a ridiculous amount of money to live there (but we won't.) LOL! The 95N to Washington made me think of your adventures in Alexandria.

  7. There's always something a little sad about an empty apartment. The boxes are on the truck and you go back in to vacuum and take one last look. A new adventure is exciting though and you couldn't be moving to a more exciting place!