Tuesday, August 21, 2012

dear mom,

Today's post is for you, and for brother, and for my aunts, and for me.
Basically what I am trying to say is that my entire family is addicted to Diet Coke.
Just take a look at one of our Christmas trees from last year...
Mad loyalty, my friends.


  1. Diet Coke is the shit..... I'm addicted! Diet Pepsi is not the same :(

  2. As I sit drinking my morning glass I have to agree!!!

  3. I'm not super picky about Coke Vs. Pepsi (if it's a fountain soda, no preference. If it's a bottle or can, has to be Pepsi) but what do you do if the restaurant only has Diet Pepsi? Do you suffer through or throw in the towel and get a water?

    1. I usually opt for a sweet tea instead....but now that I am up here in DC, they generally do not have sweet tea up here...I will just have to bite the bullet and get a Pepsi now!

  4. I come from a Coke family too. Diet vanilla coke is perhaps my favorite thing in the whole world.

  5. Ha, we drink real Coke. It's crazy how many restaurants I ask for a Coke, and they bring a Pepsi without even asking! Like it doesn't matter! Gah.

  6. diet coke for me over anything else!
    a couple of weekends we were in asheville visiting son1
    we were at a restaurant and they asked if rc was okay...
    that was a first for me!

  7. I agree with JG! They taste completely different and you thought I wouldn't know? It got so bad I now ask what they serve and it amazes me when they casually say, "oh, we have Pepsi, is that all right?" I love that ecard! I also LOVE your tree- how fun! I hope you sent a picture to the people at Coca-Cola!

  8. Ahhhh.....I know EXACTLY how you feel... Sometimes I'll just go with it and have the Pepsi, but my mom will ALWAYS switch to something else. I drink Coke Zero though, and really don't care for Diet Coke, at least not canned, if it's fountain I can deal with it....so I get it both ways....either subbing the Diet Coke for the Coke Zero or the Diet Pepsi for the Coke Zero. Sheesh! It was so nice when I was in college because they had both! And, you're right about Sweet Tea too! Northern VA/DC might still technically be the South, but the places with good Sweet Tea are few and far between up there...