Friday, August 10, 2012

Apple Pie Sangria

The other evening I went to my first spouses Potluck dinner. Most of the ladies were cooking up something delicious, so I decided to bring a refreshment instead. I am beginning to catch autumn fever, especially knowing how beautiful Northern Virginia is when the leaves change, so a fall theme served as my inspiration. 
This Sangria offers a nice balance of refreshing, fruity flavors and a subtle hint of cinnamon. It's the perfect drink to beat the lingering heat of late summer as you highly anticipate the arrival of fall.

You will need:
1 liter of  Orange Juice (no pulp)
1 liter Apple Juice 
3 tablespoons of Ground Cinnamon
8 Cinnamon Sticks

Pour the cranberry, orange, apple juice, and ground cinnamon into your drink dispenser. Add fruit wheels (I used orange and apple) and cinnamon sticks. Stir to allow juices and spice to blend together and refrigerate for 2 hours, at least. Once I arrived at the dinner, I popped open the juice bubbly, poured the bottles into my dispenser, gave it one last stir...and served! It was a huge hit...
...and the girls were a BLAST! 

[If you would prefer, just add sparking wine instead of grape juice to make this Sangria spiked.]


  1. Um, I need to leave work and make this...NOW! :) Looks delish.

  2. That sangria looks *AWESOME* ... I would love to try it with Moscato!! In fact, you know what? I will. :D Thanks for sharing!!

    Glad you got to go to a spouse event! Ours always happen during the week

  3. Mmmmm this sounds amazing! I'll definitely have to give this a try :) Yay for moving to Northern VA by the way! ;)

  4. Looks and sounds delish, as usual Miss Jordan Lee! I think I just caught some of your autumn fever.

  5. This is BRILLIANT! I've never thought of bringing a fun beverage to an event! I'll have to try that! And I love your dispenser!

  6. You are amazing! Seriously any fun drink or mixology experiment I see or hear about, I immediately think of you.