Monday, July 23, 2012

cardboard, tape, newspaper

It was a weekend full of packing for this gang!
B came into town and my little brother stopped over to lend a helping hand.
The boys spent most of the afternoon working on boxing up my kitchen and living room and I tackled my closet and bedroom. Earlier Saturday morning, we stopped by Bed, Bath, and Beyond and picked up Space Savers to eliminate the bulkiness of my closet when moving.
While I will never have the closet luxury of Carrie Bradshaw, especially having to share one now, these babies are the perfect solution. I have heard mixed reviews on their durability, but if they can last a few years as I switch out between my summer and winter clothes, they pay for themselves. 
My entire closet!
The current shape of my apartment is dreadfully unorganized, bare, and still very unpacked and causing my brain to have the same effect! For the rest of this process, I plan on taking it one box a day and soaking time here with family and friends. Luckily, we were able to squeeze some fun Saturday evening. My grandparents were in town for the weekend and took us all out to dinner and afterwards, we met up with some friends for a few late night drinks. I don't think that leaving Charlotte has really set in yet...
...but we're down to less than two weeks, friends!


  1. I'm not sure if leaving "home" ever really sinks in. Excited for you and your new adventure though :)

  2. I'm in the middle of packing madness too! I hate how the house is in that transition stage where you can't find anything and you just don't know what to tackle first. I love the short review of the space savers. If you have any other moving tips please share them.

  3. I've used the space savers several times when moving. My only complaint is that they don't last very long to use them more than once. If one little hole gets in them they're ruined.
    Also, they wrinkle your clothes beyond belief!!
    We're going to miss you here in CLT!

  4. That is impressive that you were able to fit your entire closet into those bags! Well done, friend! I am over-the-moon happy for your move!

  5. I know it's a pain...but it'll be so worth it to be together! AND....just think, the Marine Corps will pay to have someone ELSE pack you up for all your future PCSs!

  6. We moved ourselves for our last PCS, and quickly decided that we would never do it again. Good luck with the rest of packing and the move to VA =)

  7. Wow...those are a lot of bags.....but have fun moving!!!!

  8. I always thought people were crazy saying how hard it was to move
    husband and i moved every 3 years for quite a while, but his company always moved us
    well, while in charlotte we actually moved from one neighborhood to another by ourselves
    what a reality check!
    i found out quickly why people hate to move!!!!!
    hope all goes well and you enjoy your last couple of weeks here

  9. What an awesome way to pack your closet! Amazing! I'll have to remember that when we make our next move!

  10. I ended up in Mannheim, Germany about three weeks after I got married. I went from being on my own, with my own life, friends, and job to one-room with my new, previously-long distance-relationship husband. It took me a little while to realize my life had (for the better) been turned upside down. No easing in there! Good luck on your transition.

  11. Those SpaceSavers are amazing. When I graduated college and moved back to Europe I bought those to pack all my clothes. I was so thankful to have them because of the space they allowed me to save up. After the move my mom kept them and while they lasted for a short time, she still uses them to store the duvet.