Tuesday, June 26, 2012

writing thank you letters

When I was younger my parents used to make my brother and I write thank you letters to family for Christmas presents and the habit just stuck with me. I collect stationary and I love to keep it old school when it comes to thanking people for hosting an event, gift giving, or just being a friend in need.

Jordan's Tips for Writing Thank You Notes
  1. In addition to thank you letters, have a few blank letters in your stash. Sometimes a just because letter or thinking about you letter is what you need to send.
  2. Most importantly, express your sincerest gratitude by mentioning the reason you are thanking them (ie. Thank you so much for the graduation money [or] Thank you so much for having us over for dinner last week.).
  3. Tell them what you will do with the gift, or if an event, what you took away from the experience (ie. The money is going straight into my savings account to save up for an apartment [or] I cannot wait to recreate recipe sometime for my husband, we both really enjoyed the salmon.). 
  4. Mention something that pertains to your relationship with that person or a conversation you had. (ie. Looking forward to seeing you over Christmas [or] I hope your son enjoys studying abroad this summer.) The person will know you are actively and genuinely interested in their endeavors and your relationship with them.
  5. Say one last thank you and a wrap up with your name. (ie. Thank you again! Best wishes [or] love -- if you have that relationship , Jordan -- last name, if needed)
  6. When addressing the envelope, make sure you address it properly, especially if they are an acquaintance. 
  7. Never limit yourself on when to send a thank you letter. A simple note any time you feel thankful leaves a big impression.

Momma and I were at the bookstore the other day and naturally I moseyed my way on over to the stationary where a few found a few whitty sets.

I did end up purchasing the set in the green box above. They are the perfect card for the not so frilly friend!


  1. I love stationary and thank you notes were huge deals in my family growing up as well.

  2. This post makes me smile! My parents made me do the same thing and so now (to this day) I still write my thank you notes by hand:)

  3. I love sending/receiving just-because letters. They are kind of the best! We have a place downtown Frederick (MD) called Ecclectables that has amazing stationary sets- gets me every time! Love the whale ones you found, happy snail mailing!

  4. I absolutely love sending and receiving snail mail. Me + a stationary store = pure bliss

  5. i love sending and getting snail mail and have a serious obsession with stationary
    now if i could just pass that along to son2 so he would get a jump on his graduation thank yous!

  6. I love receiving thank you cards but I'm terrible about sending them. BTW: did I tell you that the one I tried to send you got returned? I think I made a mistake on the address. I've been meaning to resend it and will do so as soon as we return from our trip. Oh and LOVE the new look!! It's so perfect. Sorry, I've been totally disconnected from blog world lately. Catch up soon :) xo

  7. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one! I absolutely can't stand to NOT send a thank you! In fact, I have a couple to send now! I am 100% in favor of always writing a hand-writing thank you note and make every effort to do so in a timely fashion! I did NOT wait a year to do my wedding thank you's....those puppies were written as soon as I opened the gift...and with so many arriving early, that was nice, so I could do 5-10 at a time and not get a cramp in my arm! :-)