Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Weekend

This was one of  the most laid-back weekends I've had in a while. B had a half day on Friday and surprised me just as I was getting off of work! We were able to share an extra evening together, and while that's only a few hours, that extra time is precious. Once he arrived, we headed up to North Charlotte for the Easter weekend. I thought I was going to lunge from the car when I saw the Lake Norman exit sign...sometimes it's so nice to get back. Life on the lake is so relaxing and you can feel it in the atmosphere when you pull up. B and I spent the Saturday by the water; listening to music, drinking a few beers, and catching up. 
theme song for this picture
We also both started and finished new books. [A serious accomplishment if you know me.] Mom had Heaven is For Real on the ottoman, a book I had wanted to read since seeing the Burpo family on the Today Show. An easy and must read, you can finish it in a day...and you will want to. 
Saturday evening we met up with one of our favorite couple friends at The Rusty Rudder for a few drinks. Britney's grandmother lives just up the road from my parents, so I get to spend a some time with her  most holidays. Brit's mom even went to my same high school...such a small world!
Our men are so good looking! 
Easter morning started off with a uni-basket?! I forgot that the Easter Bunny makes you share when you get married, but it's worth as long as I marry this man.  
My side of the basket had this adorable vintage inspired knick-nack that I cannot wait to use! Afterwards, mom and I spent the morning in the kitchen cooking up Easter brunch. We even made colored Deviled Eggs that I saw on Pinterest. They were the perfect appetizer.
 Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend as well! 


  1. Looks like you had a nice, relaxing Easter! Love all the Reese's in the basket :) The deviled eggs look so yummy!

  2. Can you believe I've never been to the Rudder? Cute basket.
    My Mom quit the basket thing a few years ago :(

  3. Looks like y'all had a great Easter!


  4. I have heard a lot about that book. I may have to get it sometime.

  5. y'all look like you had lots of fun! How did you make the eggs a different color?!

  6. Heaven is For Real definitely makes you thinks about things! I enjoyed it as well. What a perfect afternoon...beers, water front, and music.

  7. those eggs look amazing!!!!!!

  8. What a great weekend. Definitely relaxing and fun :)

    I've read that book too, so interesting and discussion worthy with friends afterwards...

  9. i love that you had a double easter basket!!!
    wishing i was sitting at the lake right now
    great pics and looks like a fun time

  10. Cute easter basket! I love that you had a "soundtrack" for the photo - I would SO do that!

  11. Looks like you had a beautiful Easter. I LOVE your scarf! xo