Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Drunken Peep

When I was living at home I told my parents that in order to enhance my entertaining and mixologist (Sandra Lee in training) skills, I wanted to make a cocktail a day. After I started working, that plan was pushed under the rug. However, a few weekends ago I brought them home a doozy.
We used The Mighty Lemon Drop Recipe from Food Warning* This recipe has a one-two in your behind will be on the floor if you have more than one. 
Before pouring the martini, rim your glass with lemon juice and dip in sugar.  
Lastly garnish with a Peep. We chose yellow for a classic look.
Drop em' in...and watch em' sway.
Then watch yourself sway...
The Lemon Drop Martini is delicious mix of sweet and tart, if you haven't had one, I recommend them. They are my one of my summer favorites! 
So in reality, all I did was add a Peep garish to a lemon drop martini and called it festive. It worked though, everyone loved it!


  1. Yesterday as I was scrounging through the grocery store, I stumbled upon the easter candy leftovers that were on sale (Bad news bears for my wallet and waistline... Oh Well!)

    I grabbed a box of multi-colored peeps, and you just gave me a new approach on how to devour their sweet little chicky-selves! Very cute!

  2. This is so hilarious to me. I really want to try this.

  3. Lemon drop martinis are my absolute favorite! I bet the soaked peep was pretty great, too!

  4. So fun. I am going to have to make this.

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