Friday, March 09, 2012


"It's been a long hard ride, gotta ways to go, but this is still the place that WE ALL call HOME."

Every year the company I work for participates in community service around Charlotte. Instead of working in the office, we serve the area that has provided the company and its employees a home. We were all randomly assigned to groups based on preference surveys. Wanting to be outdoors, getting my hands dirty, I was assigned to the Friendship Gardens team. We spent the day plotting and planting an organic garden that will provide food to low-income citizens and disabled elderly in the Charlotte area.
I feel that for most people, any time you serve you leave feeling grateful, and I was. However, this particular community service left me feeling humbled about the way I have been living my life, allowing myself to get too wrapped up in material possessions, and immediate gratifications.
Being out there yesterday, I was able to reflect and reevaluate priorities. I was digging my hands into the soil of the country I love so much, the soil my fiance' has promised to fight for, the soil of endless possibilities and hard work. It really brought me back to simplicity and reality; life beyond skyscrapers, technology, fashion and appearances. It was refreshing.

PS. This morning, I was so sore. I don't think I have ever done so many squats in my life.


  1. Aw, I love this!! New follower, neighbor! I live in NC too :)

  2. "Home" was my song yesterday for Goodnight Moon's linkup. I love it, although I tear up at least a few times. I can't wait for it to warm up enough at Ft.Drum for gardening. The ground is covered in snow right now.

  3. Love it. Realizing there is so much more to the world out there than our "normal" life is a wonderful feeling. Have a great weekend lady! xo

  4. How cool that your company does that! It really is good for the soul to give back to your community and country in that way! :)

  5. Nothing better than having that wonderful feeling of being home, getting your hands dirty, and knowing that you're doing something good. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I grew up on a lavender farm and it's always so nice to go home and relax with my parents and pets. Life is just so simple and easy with the barns, meadows, gardens, wildflowers, home cooked dinners, grasshoppers & frogs and people who love you the most. Always a good reality check!

  7. I think that's so sweet that your company gives back! I bet gardening was such a good workout, too! And I love "Home"--it's been on repeat in my car for the past few weeks!