Tuesday, January 17, 2012

staying in

Hoping you all had a delightfully long weekend! B worked Monday, but had a half day Friday so we were able to spend a few extra hours together! We spent Friday evening in Uptown with friends and took a day trip to Winston-Salem on Saturday. Wiped out from our adventures, we decided to take it slow and stay in Saturday night, let's be serious, those are our favorite anyways.

We spent the evening watching movies and browsing magazines...
[We are such an opposite blend, I am a hopeless romantic, dating GI Joe so we have to compromise taking turns between chick-flicks and war movies...it's keeps us well rounded.]
... romantically dined on the couch in the candlelight with Dean & Deluca salads. 
sipped on cranberry-coolers...
...and after our no-guilt dinner, we devoured Trader Joe's chocolate eclairs.
How do you spend a laid back night in? 


  1. Love the leg warmers!! Where did you find those??

  2. looks like a nice relaxing evening
    i am the same with my guy and movies
    we rarely enjoy the same ones

  3. Looks like you guys had a great weekend. The food pics look delicious!

  4. How fun! Sometimes I just love nights in! Those salads look delicious, too!

  5. Sounds like the perfect evening! xoxo

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    xo, Michelle

  7. love staying in :) and i loved midnight in paris!! so cute and romantic!! and now i'm drooling over those delicious eclairs -- yummo!!