Thursday, January 12, 2012

sappy love song

I know every week I basically tell you I have a new favorite song, but for real, Jason Mraz- I Won't Give Up is played at least 15 times a day on my iPod. My heart melts at the reveal of every lyric. 
Maybe it's because it's been a bit since I have talked to B, maybe it's because I'm aware distance and adapting to unique obstacles as such a dominant aspect to our relationship, or just because I love that man with everything in me, but this song speaks measures. There is no perfect [worldly] love, no perfect mate...see what I mean here
"I won't give up on us, God knows I'm tough, He knows, we got a lot to learn, God knows we're worth it."


  1. Great song! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm listening right now and it's bringing tears to my eyes!

  3. love Jason
    saw him when he was here at the Music Factory last year

  4. great song, and i'm so glad you put a link to that article, i had never read that before and it was so profound!! what a great reminder for all of us, even those of us being married for 10+ yrs. ;)


  5. I love this song! I'm also in love with a marine and the distance isn't fun, but even though there are so many miles between us, we are closer then ever. Thanks so mcuh for sharing!