Thursday, January 26, 2012


 This week I have been puppysitting Cali, the fur baby from that really good looking couple over at Every Mile A Memory. (And if you were wondering, Kate is just as gorgeous in person.) It's been a dreary few days here in the Queen City so most evenings have been spent inside playing with the squeaky ferret...
watching movies, and reading Glamour magazine. 
A few things I have learned about Cali:
She pushes her ears together and hops up the stairs, like a bunny.
When she eats, she takes a few pieces out of her bowl and brings them into the living room to snack on them.
You can forget about personal space, which is okay because it keeps you warm and she's fun to cuddle.
If you are petting her and stop before she is done, she will nudge/paw you until you start again. 
stinking adorable.

While I am thinking it will still be a few more years until my own pup, she has been such a joy. There is nothing more rewarding than coming home after a long day of work to someone so excited to see you that they can't help but run laps around your dining table. I'm looking forward to ringing in her birthday this weekend before I give her back to mom and dad. I'm thinking a trip to the park and a little treat from the doggy bakery


  1. Oh what a sweet pup! Honestly, having a dog has changed my life. It truly is wonderful how excited they are to see you when you get home! Best feeling ever! And cuddling, also the best.

  2. Awe! My Cole Lee (also a Yorkie) does the SAME thing with his food. I'm so glad you and Cali are having a good time!

  3. Cali is such a cutie patutie! Love that you're puppysitting for Kate :)

  4. How cute! My doggie does the same thing with his food :)

  5. awww, cali is entirely too precious!! i love when my dog snuggle with me ;) they make the snugglebuddies! excited to be a new follower of your adorable blog!

  6. Cute! I love that she will paw at you if she wants more cuddling!

  7. Love love love this post!!!! Clearly I'm bias because I think my baby is just the best puppy in the history of puppy's and Lord knows she's got quite an adorable and animated personality. Come Monday morning you're going to miss her... Continue to enjoy until then!