Monday, November 14, 2011

neighborhood grocery

When hunting for the perfect apartment I had three main requests in terms of location.
1. Avoiding rush hour traffic. 2. Being within walking distance of a restaurant, or two. 3. A short drive to my neighborhood grocery store. 
Not only does my current location meet my expectations, they exceeded them. 
1. I now walk to work. 2. I have restaurants AND shopping all around me. 3. That neighborhood grocery store happens to be my all time favorite, Trader Joe's, a unique little grocery with low cost products. Read a little about it here or take a tour with a few shots I snapped during my last trip.  
Snagged up a colorful bouquet for the dining room table.
$5 for organic sparkling Spanish wine? I'll take a whole case, please!
And because waiting until I arrived home before digging in just didn't seem plausible...
This domestic housewife in training is one happy little cupcake.


  1. What complex are you living in? I am moving to Charlotte in January and am looking for a good apartment!

  2. OK. 1. I am so jealous of your neighbor, Mr. Trader Joe. That is my all time favorite store (I may qualify for the biggest foodie follower on your blog) and those peppermint yog. pretzels look Ah-MAYZING! I am so excited for your new apartment and all the adventures you're having/still bound to run into! I'll be doing the same thing come December... YIKES!!
    Have a great week, Jordan! Love your blog, like always :)

  3. I am SO jealous of that cheese selection!!!

  4. Trader Joe's is so far from a neighborhood grocery store. Haha! We've had them in CA my whole life practically :) Many of the foods I grew up on were from Trader Joe's! And get this, I used to date "Charles Shaw's" God Son. And not just date, he was my college boyfriend for 2.5 years. It's a great place to buy wine and flowers -- so glad you're happy with where you've chosen to live. Quality of life means everything in this crazy world! Congrats to you!!

  5. I just moved into an apartment with a TJ's around the corner too! :)

  6. I have never been to Trader Joes but I think I need to go there! We live in the suburbs so we have to drive everywhere! Heather

  7. Love it! Congratulations on your new apartment! You are a wonderful inspiration for independent ladies out there! xo,

  8. I love TJs!! It's my favorite place to shop :) I went there on Thursday and came home with such a random, but delish assortment of goodies...

  9. I could spend hours in TJ's! Haven't tried those pretzel thins yet though- need to pick some up!

  10. love TJ
    you must be over by Stonecrest
    use to live over that way myself

  11. I'm so jealous!! I'd love to live in a place just like that. I've always dreamed of living in place I could walk everywhere and enjoy everything. I love Trader Joes too, I can never just go in and get what I need. I walk out with tons more!! lol

  12. i've been seeing those peppermint pretzel thins -- must try asap!!