Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Music

Quite frankly I don't care what time of year it is, any serenade from Michael is alright with me. His Christmas album, however, has my festive spirit jumping for joy and I am certain would turn the biggest Grinch into a holly jolly soul. Yes, I'm the gal who combines Thanksgiving and Christmas because together they are "The Holidays," and in our family the holidays promise fellowship, delicious food and all around celebration for a solid two months. Then again, every year I share my birthday with the Thanksgiving holiday, so I don't feel so bad. And if those warm fuzzys that only come around during Christmas decide they want to make an early appearance, so be it.
When your're out and about searching for this year's Christmas decorations, make sure this album makes it into the basket.


  1. Omg i absolutely LOVE Micheal's christmas album! Amazing amazing amazing!

  2. there is so much new Christmas music out this year.
    I can't wait, but my rule in NO Christmas music in the house or car until the day after T'giving.
    I <3 Michael.

  3. We are fully into Christmas time at my apartment, and I'm loving it. There's no such thing as too early for christmas fun. I love the song

  4. Michael Buble makes me swoon. I. LOVE. him... and he's sooo good in concert. :)

  5. agreed, this album is wonderful!!