Thursday, October 06, 2011

sweet spot

Last night I introduced lovey into one of my oldest friends. This is the girl who knew me when I had my first boyfriend, who comforted me when I got my first broken heart and I couldn't wait for her to meet the guy I am head over heels for. We hit up Crave Dessert Bar in uptown for an evening treat. 
The atmosphere was a rustic, urban loft setting with exposed brick on all walls and that romantic lighting that just makes you Absolute perfection
Check out this cocktail, I had to get it for all the special effects. 
Close up. 
Crab and Lobster Bisque with toasted croutons.
I wasn't planning on eating a little pre-dessert snack, but everything was so incredibly decadent I just couldn't resist. 
We were all a little surprised by how busy they were for a Wednesday evening, there wasn't a dry seat in the house. Apparently it was speed dating night, which had me intrigued half of the evening. I thoroughly enjoy analyzing peoples non-verbal cues and I had hit the jackpot. If the speed dating doesn't reel you in, the food sure will. Their presentation alone leaves you begging for more. 
The Victorian Chocolate Cake
If it wasn't completely unacceptable, I would make an appearance for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert. Brandi and I have already made plans for our next venture to the bar. Imagine our astonishment to find this gem was no more than a block from her apartment. The words [DANGER] flash in my mind. 


  1. Your top is super cute! Love this! That place looks fab and sounds like such a fun little evening.. appetizers, desert, and a cocktail with friends... sounds perfect!!

  2. Looks like glad you had fun...and that drink looks amazing!!

  3. love that place and am cracking up that it was speed dating night.
    i would have been all over stalking the people doing that!

  4. love that place
    cracking up over the speed dating thing
    i would have been stalking the people doing that all night just to see what it was all about

  5. Been there several times -- LOVE it more and more each time!

  6. I love everything about this post! Your outfit, the cocktail, the bar!

  7. That bisque sounds amazing. I'm practically drooling over here.