Friday, October 28, 2011

feeling festive

The weather the past couple of weeks has been simply amazing, to say the least. Hope you find yourself feeling festive among the autumn air. Maybe this weekend you will take an afternoon walk, listening to the cool wind drag the crunchy fallen leaves along the road and dry, brittle branches rustle against one another. Have you ever just listened to fall? It makes some of the most beautiful music.
Brandi and I have planned a shopping day + girls night (and course what's an autumn themed night without a baked pumpkin bread loaf for dessert [and breakfast the day after]. 
We may even drag our festive behinds to a Halloween party Saturday evening. My favorite costume I have seen this year...the Rock-Paper-Scissors. Are you dressing up? Please do share! 


  1. I posted that costume too! It's so cute :)

  2. I am an East Coaster and we are supposed to be getting SNOW tomorrow.....enjoy your lovely fall weather for me please!

  3. I wish it was still like that here in Eastern Ontario! We're sitting just above the freezing mark. The season is still autumn but it feels way more like winter!