Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Town of Davidson

I must introduce y'all to one of my favorite places, Davidson, NC
I grew up within walking distance of the small, southern town which was awarded one of Southern Living's Best College Town's of the South.
Last Saturday we enjoyed a lovely meal at my favorite breakfast restaurant, Toast Cafe.
Crabcake Benedict and a breakfast cocktail
Toast sits next to another local favorite of mine, The Soda Shop which has been in business since 1951.
If there are two places in this area you can't miss, it's Toast and The Soda Shop. It just so happens that one is perfect for breakfast and the other for lunch, so in between meals...
or stop in the local shops like The Village Store and Monkee's Boutique.
The town usually has something on the green [field between the public library and the college]. This weekend the town planned on creating a Guinness World Record for the most people playing paddle ball in one area.  
By the end of the event, we were practically pros. 
I hardly scratched the surface in terms of the adventure awaiting to unfold in this town, but I can tell you it's well worth the trip.


  1. Crabcake benedict? Seriously? I would get on a plane for that - delicious!!

  2. Well, was the record created?! That is pretty fun that you were part of it!

  3. Ok, so I can't even begin to describe how adorable this town looks! I wanna go, like now! :)

  4. I LOVE Toast and the Soda Shop! What a great way to spend a Saturday! I didn't know they have a Monkee's there now! I will have to go next time I am home!

  5. We, too, are OBSESSED with Toast! it is our go-to breakfast spot and where we take our out of town visitors for breakfast! Also, I frequent their farmers market, but think it is way too small. Along those same lines, I wish the Main St area were a bit larger. Too many lawyers and accountants and banks have taken over that street. Love Toast though!

  6. i love davidson
    one of the first places i went before i even moved to charlotte

  7. I LOVE DAVIDSON... I was *this close* to going to school there. That farmers market looks AMAZING... I just want to eat all of those fresh bread loaves! Yum Yum!

  8. in the last picture, that restaurant on the corner. my mom and i ate lunch there when i saw ben running around. it was fantastic!

  9. What a gorgeous town! Posts like this make me ready for our Southern retirement with all the small southern towns! Looks like something out of a fairy tale to me!

  10. I LOVE Toast! One of my favorite places in Davidson! I often go while I'm home to catch-up with my friends who go to school there :)

  11. With these pictures and reviews the town of Davidson should hire you to work their PR. Having said that, Davidson looks like such an adorable town, and that farmers market looks uhh-mazing. Those breads and vegetables look straight out of a magazine!