Monday, September 12, 2011

A Blogger Wedding

This weekend, B and I headed up to Annapolis, Maryland for the wedding of a friend of mine, the author of Semper Gumby...the Return of Sunshine. Remember this wedding inspiration board I created for her? 
Not only did we have an incredible time, we absolutely fell head over heels for the city's beauty. I cannot wait to return, but that's another post for another day. 

We arrived to the area just in time for the rehearsal dinner at O'Learys seafood and were immediately showered with love from both Dave and Reina's family. 
Recognize the beautiful blonde on the far right? She's the author of Eat, Pray, Love ...LIVE! 
Had the chance to cozy up to the sweetest little munchkin, Reina's niece. 

The wedding ceremony started out a bit overcast, but at the exact moment Reina walked down the aisle, the clouds broke apart and the sun came shining through. It turned out to be the most delightful day.
The ceremony wrapped up with the traditional military sword ceremony. 
My super hot date.
During the reception, we enjoyed cocktails, ate yummy food, mingled and got down on the dance floor.
The reception venue. Don't you just love the hanging pom poms? 
The couple's first dance. 
Reina, I literally had a dream about this cake the evening after your wedding.  
Unfortunately, the fun had to come to an end and it was time to send off the Newlywed's.
We had such a lovely weekend, met new friends and ate some of the most delicious seafood. Check out some awesome photos of the wedding at Susan Solo's Photography

*Reina, thank you times a million for inviting us to celebrate your special day. We adored both your and Dave's family and are so excited to enjoy the military life with such a model couple. Wishing you two all the love and happiness!


  1. This looks like a beautiful wedding! Love the bubbles. Also, you and your Marine make a gorgeous couple. :)

  2. I am still so sad that we had to miss it. Looks like such a gorgeous day!

  3. Did you apologize to her for ALMOST stealing the thunder on her big day i that gorgeous blue dress!! I say almost though because she made one incredibly beautiful bride. But seriously, forget the bride and groom for a second, you and your man look so good together!! Whenever you get married, I want an invite. It will be a bash to remember for sure.

  4. What a beautiful event! Isn't it so awesome to get together with friends for celebrations of happiness? Such gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing and congrats to the happy couple!

  5. wow, what a BEAUTIFUL wedding, she looked great (and so did you!) I love her venue for the reception and the pom poms so cute!!

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