Thursday, August 04, 2011


Since before graduation, I have been focused on my purpose, my plans. Stressing out about things going my way 2 weeks from now, 2 years from now, let's be honest, they hardly do. I got to that point where I was just left feeling empty, worrying about decisions that will best benefit me. A couple of hours after reading a devotion I came across this website, Practical Tips for Productive Living  and spent a good hour reading and reflecting over 101 short stories that melted and broke my heart. 
After some reflection on these stories and my evening devotion that weighed so heavy on my heart, I couldn't help but have a new sense of clarity, about my purpose and how they will direct my actions into the future. 

We are here to serve. Today, after a 72 hour shift at the fire station, a woman ran up to me at the grocery store and gave me a hug. When I tensed up, she realized I didn’t recognize her.  She let go with tears of joy in her eyes and the most sincere smile and said, “On 9-11-2001, you carried me out of the World Trade Center.”

God's plan is bigger than our personal fulfillment. Today, someone else’s tragedy provided the miracle my family had prayed for.  Thanks to this stranger, my dad will have a heart.  It’s so odd to think that an accidental death just saved his life. 

Be kind to others. Today in downtown San Diego, I watched a blue collar Mexican man get harassed for being Mexican.  It was a blatant act of discrimination.  And the man actually began crying.  As he left the office building, he took off his jacket. His t-shirt underneath read, “I love the USA!” [like I said, broke. my. heart.]

Trust in His timing. Today, my sister told me a student of hers turned eight years old on Friday.  When I realized he was born on September 11, 2001, I said, “How horrible for his family.”  My sister explained that his grandfather worked at the Pentagon and skipped work that day upon learning his daughter was in labor. 

Appreciate the people in your life, while you have them. Today at the Atlanta airport, as I walked off a plane dressed in my Army uniform, a little girl grabbed my hand and asked me if I would be going back overseas soon.  I told her I would be in 6 weeks.  She smiled and said, “Can you please tell my daddy that I love him.  My mommy told me he’s never coming home from over there.” [heart wrenching]

Remember that love conquers all. Today, as my grandfather (a military doctor, war hero, and successful business owner) rested in his hospice bed, I asked him what his greatest life accomplishment was.  He turned around, grabbed my grandmother’s hand, looked her in the eyes, and said, “Growing old with you.”

If you'd like to read more, you can here. Grab a tissue, or an entire box. 


  1. Love love love these! This one is my favorite:

    Today, I met a powerful businessman who is worth 100 million dollars. In conversation he told me he regretted never making it to his son’s hockey games or his daughter’s dance recitals. It made me smile because my dad is probably only worth as much as this man’s last paycheck, but he made it to everything. MMT

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, although it made me cry it made my morning so much better. Sometimes you need a little reminder of the wonders god works and how everyone is supposed to experience life differently.


  3. Thanks for posting! Such a great reminder to take some time to slow down when life gets crazy. PS I hope you can make it to the Marine Ball-I wanna see pictures!!

  4. Oh gosh, these were so touching. I couldn’t keep reading them because I was at work but fully intend on reading more when I get the chance! Thanks for sharing!