Monday, August 29, 2011

the scoop

On Saturday, mom and I took a little trip out to Gastonia* for Tony's Ice Cream. It's a family owned shop that has been open for nearly 100 years, understandably, the old fashioned shop was packed with locals of all generations. They make their own ice cream in a plant just across the street where it's mixed to pure perfection. Watch how they make it here!
One size fits all, no need for a small, medium or large. Our picks were the popular Chocolate and Cherry Vanilla.
It's award winning ice cream and the shop has been voted one of the seven wonders of Gaston County. If that  doesn't have you convinced, read about a couple who found love at the Tony's Ice Cream shop years ago here. I'm telling ya, this place is magical. Is there an Old Fashioned Ice Cream or Soda Shop that keeps you coming back for more?

*Brit, you should tell Logan to look into Gaston County.


  1. YUM! There's nothing like good homemade ice cream!

  2. That's what I miss about back east and the south- there are all these cute little old fashioned places that have been around forever. Our favorite in Norfolk is Doumar's, which was an old drive up where they would bring you your food on roller skates! I can't wait to fly back home and get some of their ice cream! They make their cones right there on an old waffle cone iron!

  3. My husband went to HS in Clover and used to go to Tony's so this post brought quite a smile to his face :) He says it is the best ice cream!

  4. I have never heard of this place before
    Maybe we will head out there this holiday weekend
    Thanks for the recommendation