Monday, August 22, 2011

saturday afternoon shopping

I spent this weekend exploring my city, starting with a night out in Davidson with an old lacrosse buddy and ending with a fun afternoon in Uptown Charlotte with Brandi. We ventured into the community of Dilworth, one of my favorite areas of Charlotte. It reminds me of Georgetown in DC [on a much smaller scale] from the students studying in the Starbucks and restaurant variety to the shops along the main street. After a delicious lunch at Cantina we did a bit of preseason shopping for fall.  
Isn't her red hair to die for?
Refueling with Tazo Passion Iced Tea outside of Starbucks.
My favorite purchase, a pair of Rosegold leather pumps.
The weather was warm but offered a slight breeze making it perfectly bearable for strolling the streets of uptown, especially since my heart has already transitioned into fall.  


  1. Looks like the perfect weekend day!

  2. Those pumps are amaze! also like your outfit that day, so cute!

  3. You seem to go to excellent shops. Good taste.


  4. looks like a perfect end of summer day