Wednesday, July 06, 2011

a taste of Ireland

[Sunglasses: Ray Bans, Shirt: Marshall's, Purse: Nine West, Belt: H&M, Pants: Target, Bracelet: Francesca's, Shoes: Steve Madden]  

Yesterday B and I spent the day fear-tutting Uptown Charlotte. There was a "storm coming" (you know how summer weather in the south is) that never came, but the wind kept up and the weather was perfect. We strolled around the city people gazing and talking about how we want to live in a city together one day. We had lunch at Ri-Ra, a genuine Irish Pub. You literally feel like you're in Ireland from the moment you walked in. The large Victorian bar located in the restaurant is over 100 years old and was imported from an old bar in Dublin, Ireland. Our server was also from Ireland. I. need. to. go. there. NOW. It's such a coincidence, every time B and I visit a city, we always find ourselves dining at an Irish Pub. In DC our spot is Martin's Tavern. Gosh, I sure do love adventures with him.


  1. love that top, and those

  2. I want to try cargo skinnies but I'm too scared!

    I voted for your friends. Tell them good luck!

  3. loving the shades... and the whole outfit! great pics, too!
    nice to meet you!


  4. Thanks for mentioning me :) love you!

  5. first let me say your outfit is adorable
    glad you got your sight seeing finished before that storm, it was wicked
    ri-ra's is great. my cousin had her wedding reception there!

  6. Super cute outfit! :)

    I did my teaching internship in Ireland and it's AMAZING. Go to Kenmare!

  7. i just wanna look like you someday. that is all...:)

  8. Loving how affordable your outfit is! Thanks for showing us that you can look fantastic, but not spend a pretty penny!

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    I really love your blog and your style!! I follow you :D
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    Kisses from México city!